Buy My Art

Yesterday I decided that I would stop saying that I will start selling my work and actually joined RedBubble where you can buy cards, prints and other goodies.

So next time you want something pretty for your walls or a unique birthday card stop by and check it out.

Buy art

I have also created a store on Zazzle, I will be adding to both stores regularly from now on (well I hope to).



This is a small sample from the 2500 photos I took while in Japan. There are lots and lots to go through and sort, but I am slowly getting there. (Slowly being the operative word). Hope you like them!

The last two months in Photos

So this is my time since being home. I haven’t been taking any where near as many photos as I did in New Zealand but I want to start taking more again!

Last of NZ

Here is the last of my photos from my time in New Zealand.

More Photos for the new year

Just thought I would show you all some more photos from my summer and holiday. 🙂

As far as I am aware I haven’t missed any days when taking photos, but some are quite ordinary so not all dates are included here.

Starting a new year

End of 2008